PC Care



West Texas Dust can be deadly to sensitive processors and equipment. 
Warren Computers' PC Care is your computer's answer to a longer life.
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What good will it do?

bulletDust removal and contact cleaning removes a source of heat buildup in PC's
bulletDown-time caused by malfunction can be reduced.
bulletUp to 15% Discount on all Service Repairs

How often and How Much?

PC Care plans are designed to prolong the life of your PC.  
Quarterly, Semi-Annual, or Yearly plans are available.  
Call Warren Computers for options!

PC Case Clean-Out
Dust removal from system processors, fans, and power-supply.
PC Card Contact Cleaning
Video, modem, and network card contact cleaning can prevent problems occurring due to corrosion.
System Tuning
Tweaking system and disk options for optimal performance can save money with less wait time between program operations.