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Is your pc running extremely slow, pop-ups hindering your ability to use the computer, or your internet access restricted due to some unknown issue?  It could be a virus or spyware.  Let us help!

Restoring your PC back to life is one of our specialties.  We currently use a well trusted anti-virus software for all our in-shop computer repairs.  We feel it has a better track record than most and does virus cleanup very effectively.  Along with manual removal and registry cleanup, we also use many spyware removal tools that help fix problems caused by spyware and malware installations.

Ask us which anti-virus software to use.  Our preference is not one you might have heard of or seen in the stores, but it is by-far one of the best anti-virus programs available, in our opinion.  Ask about the free home edition and the low cost professional versions available from the manufacturer's web-site.

Need a New PC?

With the overwhelming number of PC options available from BestBuy to Dell, and prices from $300 to $3000, buying a computer can be quite confusing.

Maybe we can help...
What do you want in a new PC?


Quality and durability?


A warranty, in case something does go wrong?


Excellent technical support with an immediate response to your problem?


Peace of mind when it's time to upgrade?

Warren Computers provides all of the above.  

The components in our systems have outstanding track records.
To be certain, our standard warranty is 1 year parts and labor that may be extended to 3 years parts and labor.
We continue to offer uncompromising service to all our customers.  Just Call.

Not knowing what the future holds in the way of computer technology, we make no promises that your new PC won't be obsolete in a year, but we will do all we can to allow you the option to upgrade to more memory, larger hard drives, and faster processors in the systems we design if you so desire.

If you need Tech Support, our Incredibly Low Service Rates will shock you... 
with shop service prices lower than most Lubbock computer repair shops.

We will come to you or you can drop-off your PC!!

The Warren Computers Repair Center is located at 407 Phelps Ave.

Littlefield, TX

Warren Computers hours are normally between 9 and 6 monday through Friday, but call anytime, if you need service. You can also text to 806-632-2464, please leave your name and nature of your problem.

We also offer Emergency After-Hours Service!